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The Wabanaki Confederacy Conference is an annual event, which takes place around the time of the summer solstace. It is a time for all of the Confederacy Nations to bring forth concerns, regarding and affecting our people, that we may find solutions through a united effort.

Furthermore, it is a time that we can work on re-kindling and strengthening our traditions and culture. In order to ensure each community, of our Wabanaki Confederacy Nations, has the chance to have the honor of hosting the Confederacy Conference, a different host is chosen each year.

a wanabaki

The host community is known two years in advance, in order to give that community every oppurtunity to ensure adequate planning. The elders come together each year, during the conference, to decide on future host communities, from those who submit written requests for that honor. Check out the pages, and we hope to see you at the future conferences.


There existed five Wampum Belts of the Wabanaki Confederacy of which the Mi'kmaq belonged to. The Wabanaki Confederacy included Mi'kmaq Maliseet, Penobscot, Passamaquoddy. The official belts were used as a means to deliver certain messages. The keeper of the belt, the holder of the belt was respected.

The five belts were: Gathering of a Wabanaki Confederacy (wampum carrier carried belt to the tribes and this verified validated) Death of an Grand Chief. In time of War - to seek agreements form the confederacy to go to war. In time of peace to seek peace. Unity among nations.